Friday Five: Things I don't know enough about.

Five things I don't know enough about in order to explain in simple words to a six year old while driving a car on the freeway.

How heavy is a Katana?
It might surprise you to find out I studied sword play in college, fencing and saber fighting, but there wasn't any Samurai or Ninja classes at that particular JC. At least not for 10 PE credits. I held a broad sword once at a renaissance faire, and that was pretty heavy, but when asked how heavy a katana is, I have to approximate.

Will you go to prison if you run a red light?
Now I'm sure if there was a red light run while Calvin was in the car it had to happen while my wife was driving. Suffice it to say, I do know that running a red light will only result in a ticket, but there is a secondary question about running a red light at 100 miles per hour, which by the transitive property of an earlier interrogation, could land you in jail, but not prison. Which of course leads to the question of what's the difference between jail and prison. What if you kill a person running a red light? Probably jail. What if you mean to kill that person? Probably prison. What if that person you meant to kill was a bad guy? Still probably prison. If you kill a bad guy, you go to prison? Yes, unless you live in a state that allows the death penalty, then you can kill as many bad guys as you can convict. etc. etc.

What is easier, a stick shift or automatic?
I have answered this question a thousand times and I'll never have a good answer, so I'll just turn up the radio.

How come the moon is following me?
Because it wants to hit you in the eye. Why would it want to hit me in the eye? I don't know, that's a moray.

What does that button do?
This button? No . . . that button. This button? NO . . . that button! The green one? No. The red one? NO! Which button? That One!

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