Friday Five: Gelatto and Yellow Jackets

Five things I learned today on my walk to Whole Foods to pick up bread cause my wife can't have pasta with red sauce without the bread and I needed to get myself and Calvin out into the fresh air. 

Number 1: Yellow Jackets 
There are a frightening amount of yellow jackets buzzing about my neighborhood. I don't mind bees so much cause they make honey and every sting is a suicide mission, but yellow jackets are useless jerks. [please insert Jersey Shore jokes here]

Number 2: The word "No" 
It requires thirteen different uses of the word "No" before Calvin understands that he will not be going on a train ride.

Number 3: Gelatto 
Madagascar Vanilla is not the same as French Vanilla and if there is no French Vanilla he will have milk chocolate instead.

Number 4: Every bite 
Calvin closes his eyes with every spoonful of Gelatto as if each bite was a delicate experience. This makes walking and eating a very slow experience.

Number 5: Crossing the street 
If you have a child that closes his eyes with every bite of quickly melting Gelatto, then it is of the utmost importance that you explain to him that he is not eat his gelato while crossing the street because you may in fact find him in the middle of the road, eyes closed, yellow jackets everywhere, and cars quickly approaching. If you find yourself in this position, do not panic, just race back and gently ease him along. Do not drop the bread or your wife will be unable to eat her meal.

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